Wed 20 Oct 2021

Back in July, Aussie punk pioneers Cosmic Psychos dropped their epic new album Mountain of Piss via their own label Go The Hack. The 12-track album was recorded late in 2019 in lead singer and bassist Ross Knight’s shed. The finishing touches were put on the album right before COVID threw everything into chaos. Sitting on 'Mountain of Piss’ for a whole year worked out well though, as it gave Knighty a chance to get not only one, but two hip replacements. 

Cosmic Psychos have come a long way since they formed almost four decades ago. Their music has become more fuzzed-out, more beer-soaked, while remaining unabashedly honest. When asked to describe the new album, Knight said, 'it’s round, inside a cover, which is square.' Not that unlike any other best selling album by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or AC/DC". So when it comes to their humour, not much has changed either. 

In 2005, Cosmic Psychos recorded a cracking live set in Studio 5 which Kev Lobotomi is going to replay in its entirety on Shock Treatment. At the time, the band’s guitarist was Robbie 'Rocket' Watts, merely a few months before his untimely passing. The respected musician was a gentle soul who, over 16 years playing with the Psychos, contributed greatly to their signature rambunctious sound. You will certainly hear that on this live session.  

If, like us, you’ve been painfully missing the grit and wit of a good ol’ rock n roll band, then you’ll want to not miss this one. It’s more than half an hour of rough-as-guts Cosmic Psychos riffs with funny banter and all. After that, go ahead and listen to the new album. It’s pretty rad!   

Cosmic Psychos Studio 5 Rewind, on Shock Treatment from 8pm on October 20.