Mon 2 Jul 2018 to Sun 8 Jul 2018

by Empat Lima




Empat Lima are a beat/garage-pop trio from Melbourne. Over the 5 years they’ve been together they have participated in 24-hour art installations, played with seminal Indonesian post-punk heroes in rice fields, and inadvertently induced labour with their music. Empat Lima continue to draw upon the inspiration of the great women in music before them, mixing in their own unique style of overlapping melodies and driving dance beats.

True to the band’s eclectic style, Cling, Clang, Clutter traverses many genres in the 43 minutes of playing time, moving from dreamy psychedelic landscapes to beat/pop and garage racket, to poppy synths and lo-fi screaming. Never getting boring and often inducing different states of minds.

The release has been in the works for over three years and has itself been an experiment in recording processes. Doing one session a year in three different locations, the album reflects the changing moods of the band over this time. The result is a collision of sounds and worlds, and lends itself to the diverse interests of the band’s members. There’s ‘Hi-Hi’ the Japanese ghost who can draw you into the underworld with her eyes, ‘Mooncake’ a poppy piece about New Year traditions and the chaotic lo-fi version of their live favourite ‘Fire Dragon’. They concluded the recording process with a playful film clip which was shot at the iconic Lomond hotel and featured a band of friends playing out birthing rituals for the character ‘Cynthia’.

New War - Get in the Boot

Dandelion Wine - Unlikely Impossible

Pram - Shimmer and Disappear

Leo Mullins - Let the Light In

Happy Axe - Prayers and Mantras

Clutch - How to Shake Hands

Marc Ribot - Srinivas

Deafheaven - Canary Yellow

Deaf Wish - The Rat is Back


This week's Top 10:


Empat Lima - Cling, Clang, Clutter
New War - 'Get in the Boot'
Dandelion Wine - 'Unlikely Impossible'
Pram - 'Shimmer and Disappear'
Leo Mullins - 'Let the Light In'
Happy Axe - 'Prayers and Mantras'
Clutch - 'How to Shake Hands'
Marc Ribot - 'Srinivas'
Deafheaven - 'Canary Yellow'
Deaf Wish - 'The Rat is Back'