Mon 9 Dec 2019 to Sun 15 Dec 2019

Charm of Finches - Your Company

Award-winning Melbourne sister duo Charm of Finches have released their highly anticipated sophomore album Your Company.

A genre-defying album born of turbulence and grief, the sister's songwriting explores themes of love and loss, a melancholia made sublimely beautiful by the duo's compellingly ethereal vocal harmonies and spacious string arrangements. 

Your Company has been three years in the making for sisters Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes. Following the death of Ivy's best friend at the age of 14, the sister's songwriting turned towards the theme of grief and longing. Younger sibling Ivy, now aged 17, says: "My songwriting has been a very real way to process my grief, to actually allow the reality of what happened to sink in."

The album has songs directly related to losing their friend and the process of coming to terms with the loss ('In the Gloaming' and 'Her Quiet Footsteps'), as well as songs about lost youth ('The Bridge'), about a tragic accident, and a collaboration with Melbourne songwriter Cian Bennet, told from the afterlife ('Good Luck on Your Own'). "We hope we have transformed this melancholia into a beautiful body of work."

Cover photo by Emma McEvoy

Check out their tune 'Lies' below and tune into PBS all week for your chance to win a copy of the album (members only). Not a member and want to win? Click here today!

Charm of Finches - Lies (Music Video)


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