Sat 4 Aug 2012

"Tightly thundering funk from the Oz scene" - DUSTY GROOVES, USA
"Infectiously funky sounds... Haptics is destined to be a horn-fuelled, butt-shaking affair" - triple j HOME & HOSED
"Dangerously funky" - INPRESS
"Super dope instrumental funk" - Chris Gill, NORTHSIDE RECORDS / 3RRR
"The soul revival is alive & well in Melbourne & The Cactus Channel are its newest, youngest champions" - BEAT

Hear that sound? Raw, loose and nasty funk, recorded straight to analog tape. It’s just like the old days, but so new it’s sporting a badass teenage moustache. Now that Melbourne funk sensation The Cactus Channel have graduated high school, they’re taking their own brand of high-octane, instrumental car chase funk and smooth soundtrack soul to the people with their debut, Haptics. On the road and on the airwaves, 2012 is the year The Cactus Channel come of age.

Back in 2009, the founding members of The Cactus Channel were already jamming on some classic soul feels, tripping on Eddie Bo, James Brown and their contemporaries, and using words like “Boss” and “Cat” while trying make it through year 10 in 21st Century Australia. What began as experimentation in Junior Stage Band developed into outright insubordination in Senior Jazz Ensemble and by 2011 The Cactus Channel were an out of control ten piece funk orchestra with the momentum of a runaway train who could count The Dap Kings’ Tom Brenneck and soul legend Charles Walker as fans.

How did members of the iTunes generation get on to those rare and deep seventies sounds at the age of 14? The internet, of course! Also, who really cares? It works! No matter what year it is, or sounds like it is, these records are great. From triple j Unearthed to FatBeats Records in NYC, people all over the place love this band.

The Cactus Channel deliver on all their precocious promises with this super heavy full length debut LP. Haptics is chock full of deep funk, jazzed-up soul and boogaloo hits, all informed by a canny sense of soundtrack-ready drama, loaded with tight, hard grooves and one strong track after another. The Cactus Channel is ready to roll!

WHERE: The Toff, Swanston St
WHEN: Saturday August 4