Tue 23 Mar 2021

Around this time last year, Melbourne’s fierce rock ‘n’ roll trio Cable Ties released their second LP Far Enough, an album that brings a towering wall of 70s hard rock and proto-rock to songs that explore hope, despair, and anger but offer no easy answers. Taking the three-minute punk burner and stretching it past breaking point, the trio of Jenny McKechnie (guitar, vocals), Shauna Boyle (drums), and Nick Brown (bass) deliver feminist anthems that are at once smouldering and urgent. 

Far Enough encapsulates the passion and defiance in Cable Ties’ songwriting and the honesty in their live performance, qualities that shine through on the two live sessions that they have recorded at PBS over the years. Both sessions were auspicious occasions. The first was recorded on International Women’s Day in 2016, and the second on Drive Live in 2018. We are delighted to revisit tracks from these sessions, carefully curated by Claire Stuchbery on Firewater on March 23, in a special tribute to one of Melbourne’s most important bands.

Tune in to Firewater Tuesday March 23 to revisit the session. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.  

Cover image by Lisa Businovski.