This week on State of the Art, Roger discusses the two exhibitions by Wade Marynowsky , the first being Nostalgia for Obsolete Futures at NGV Federation Square. It includes interactive robotics, sound sculpture, audiovisual installations and performances. For more information visit

The other is double entendre at John Buckley Gallery , which features new video, sculpture and photographic works. This exhibition explores experimental music, robots, button pressing and more through the lens of media art. Marynowsky employs a comedic approach and a rock n roll sensibility that alludes to the performative nature of gender. For more information visit:

Roger also discussed Brenda Walsh's exhibition The Flood. In this exhibition, Brenda (who donated the pet portrait prize during radio festival) looks at the relationship between humans and domestic. In each of the paintings a single domestic animal – a sheep or lamb or, in some cases, a cow – struggles desperately to hold its head above the surface of a mass of water – perhaps a sea or floodwater. Brenda sees the works as allegorical, strongly influenced by Christian doom paintings, and images of the Last Judgement. For more information visit: Walsh.jpg