Sun 27 Jan 2019

The 2019 Bob Marley Day celebration at Seaworks will commemorate 40 years since the Babylon by Bus Tour that Bob Marley feared Australians might not even embrace. The rest is history.

Featuring Bob’s second youngest son, Ky-Mani Marley, live alongside other home-grown reggae and world-music talent, the inaugural family celebration will pay respect to Reggae’s most influential advocate. Also coinciding with celebrations of Bob Marley’s Birthday honoured world-wide by a diaspora of admirers, Bob Marley Day seeks to unite lifelong and new fans in the shared love for his anthology of timeless music.

Ky-Mani, a mesmerising performer known for his gritty vocal delivery, is credited for his own distinct style which draws heavily on his Miami roots, but bears all the hallmarks of the Marley passion for Jamaican music.

Organisers hope that by bringing a community of fans of all ages together under the banner of live music, delicious home-grown street food and family-friendly activities, they might help safeguard Marley’s important messages and awaken the spirit of his conviction in generations to come.

Line-up Highlights: Ky-Mani Marley * the push reggae band * Systa BB (RRR) * Mitch Tambo (First Nation) * Nicky Bomba * DJ Zare Demus * DJ Eric * Sista Itations * DJ Andy Ites

Bob Marley Day
Sunday 27th January, 2019
1:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Seaworks Maritime Precinct, 82 Nelson Place, Williamstown

Kids <10yrs old FREE

Proud NBCF Sponsor - $2 from every Ticket sold - goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for a worthy cause.

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