In a time when the term "rock n roll" is used as loosely as a prom dress at midnight, The BLOODY HOLLIES are back once again to remind everyone what "rock n roll" is really all about.

Their unique sound is truly one that needs to be heard to understand that this isn't just another throw back 60's garage yawnfest, or moppy haired riff crazy classic rock rip off. This is original American rock music that's too smart for the main stream, but too aggressive, licentious and blood thirsty for the emo crowd.

No matter what side of the social circle you sit, your primal needs will eventually get the best of you, and you'll find your self banging on your dashboard to their new album "Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love".

Listen back to Fang It! with Ruari for a live set from The Bloody Hollies.