Mon 16 Mar 2020 to Sun 22 Mar 2020

Big Yawn - No!

Primarily rooted in a live performance approach, the Melbourne quartet, Big Yawn, embrace sonic curios from far-flung corners of the globe and display them with pride. Affectations for vintage krautrock, esoteric percussion, and experiments in steady dance grooves merge with heavy low end frequencies to 'explore and exploit' those in-between spaces. 

Their debut release, No!, is typical Big Yawn: fat and punchy low-end bass, drums and live drum processing, delay fx samples, and thick syrupy synths.

Championing a hybrid vision of cross-genre harmony, their music manages to capture the sweaty spirit of DIY basement shows as much as it works on record. Encompassing disorientating dub FX, off-kilter synth squelches and live re-sampling, their stone meanderings mix with grinding propulsion. 

The band's multiple facets fluctuate neatly across No!. The band describe its creation: "No! is the sum of its parts - it was two years of writing, recording, jamming, mixing and playing shows. It's our own spin on the genres and styles that have parented and companioned our outside work downtime. It was many more years of just being friends and informal collaboraters, sharing music and how-to's."

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