Sun 11 Apr 2021
In 2017, rebetika collective Apodimi Compania visited PBS to record a live session in Studio 5. True to their standing as one of the leading exponents of rebetika, the band played songs of love, yearning and melancholy, paying homage to the various regional styles of Greek folk music.   


The band originated in Melbourne in 1984, but has been resident in Athens, Greece since the mid to late 1990s. In 2012, Apodimi Compania was hit by tragedy when long-standing member Hector Cosmas suddenly passed away. The remaining members, Manuel Galiatsos, Yiannis Niarhos, George Galiatsos, and Chrysoula Kehayioglou decided to keep the band going, as Hec would have wanted them to. Joining them on their 2017 tour of Australia was fiddle player Vangelis Votteas. 

These days, the band is in lockdown in Greece. George Galiatsos told us that not being able to play or see music has been very challenging but that the band hopes to tour in Australia again in 2022.  

In the meantime, we take you back to that Sunday afternoon in April 2017, when Apodimi Compania brought a very special flavour to Studio 5. Armed with their traditional instruments – the fiddle, six string bouzouki, tzoura, baglama, banjo, guitar, oud and lute – the band performed 6 gorgeous songs that you can look forward to hearing again on April 11 on Global Village. 


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