Mon 3 Feb 2020 to Sun 9 Feb 2020

Antibalas - Fu Chronicles

With a globetrotting 20-year career renowned for being a voice for the people across decades of political and societal upheaval from the late ‘90s to today, Antibalas celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a stark return to their Williamsburg roots on its latest Daptone Records studio album, Fu Chronicles. Pre-gentrified Williamsburg serves as the backdrop for Fu Chronicles – voyaging back to the early days of when Antibalas and revered soul label Daptone Records spawned out of lead singer Duke Amayo’s kung fu dojo. A senior master of the Jow Ga Kung Fu School of martial arts, Duke Amayo along with Antibalas founder/baritone saxophonist Martín Perna guide listeners through an epic journey of where kung fu ingeniously intersects with Afrobeat on Fu Chronicles.

The single 'Fight Am Finish' is the first track featured from Fu Chronicles. Duke Amayo comments:


“We have arrived at a time when we must be ‘Seshat in Red Gloves’ and punch through the sand curtain of lies and deceit. We must fight for truth, sustainability, peace, our dreams, and we must Fight Am Finish and never give up, for the destiny of truth is exposure.”


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Antibalas "Fight Am Finish"


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