Twenty-five-year-old Aaron Schembri began performing around Melbourne in his first pub band at age 15. By 17 he had started performing with and developed a close relationship with the late great Australian guitarist Ross Hannaford of Daddy Cool. Since then he's gone on to perform alongside many amazing artists, many of whom join him on his debut album City Lights including Normie Rowe, Ross Wilson, Russell Morris, Colleen Hewett, Phil Manning, Kevin Borich, Wilbur Wilde, Mark Gable, Mike Rudd, James Cupples and John "Swanee" Swan. 

Beginning recording in 2015, City Lights consists of nine original songs and old Robert Johnson blues cover 'Come On In My Kitchen'. 

“Each track has a different inspiration behind it, covering all aspects of my inspirations from reggae, rock, blues and country. The artists on the album have also been big inspirations to me musically. As much as they are my peers, I’m a huge fan of their craft,“ Aaron said.

Joining Schembri in the PBS studio is Phil Manning, Mike Rudd and James Cupples. 

Listen back here to catch Aaraon Schembri's Studio 5 Live session. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.