From Asian pop to dub and reggae, indigenous hip-hop to Balkan beats, African rhythms to Arabic influence, vibrant Latin flavours to folk music from across the globe, and incredible eclectic fusions from disparate cultures, PBS brings our musical world to you.


Mon 6 May 2024 to Sun 12 May 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Funeral For Justice, the new album by Mdou Moctar.

Recorded at the close of two years spent touring the globe following the release of 2019 breakout Afrique Victime, Funeral For Justice captures the Nigerien quartet in ferocious form. The music is louder, faster, and more wild. The guitar solos are feedback-scorched and the lyrics are passionately political. Nothing is held back or toned down.

Mon 29 Apr 2024 to Sun 5 May 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is From The Fire, the debut album by Audrey Powne.

Embracing all evolutions as a musician and composer, Audrey Powne releases From The Fire via independent UK record label BBE. Cover to cover telling her story of recovery, persistence, and survival, the album is one complete body of work, drawing from experiences in her own life and watching the world around her. 

Mon 22 Apr 2024 to Sun 28 Apr 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Total Reality, the third full-length album by Dr Sure’s Unusual 

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Sat 20 Apr 2024

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Mon 15 Apr 2024 to Sun 21 Apr 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Marlinchen in the Snow, the fourth full-length album by Charm of Finches.

Recorded in the depths of winter in the woods of Nova Scotia with acclaimed Canadian producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, The Once, Oh Pep!) after five months of touring across Australia, UK and Europe, Marlinchen in the Snow is inspired by the frozen beauty of the landscape in which it was created. The album reflects on Mabel and Ivy’s transient life on the road, belonging and the idea of home, along with the fragility of relationships.


Sun 14 Apr 2024

The Cambodian Space Project has been at the forefront of an astonishing cultural revival in 
Cambodia since 2009. Singer Channthy Kak and musician Julien Poulson teamed up in 
Phnom Penh to sing back to life the lost divas and rock legends of Cambodia’s golden age of rock 'n' roll. The CSP has created a sound full of vibrancy, a heady trip through ethnic Khmer 
styles, psych-rock, motor city funk and Motownesque pop to the new – totally spaced-out –
grooves of Southeast Asia today.

Mon 8 Apr 2024 to Sun 14 Apr 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Ramona, the third release by Australian singer/songwriter Grace Cummings. 

Mon 1 Apr 2024 to Sun 7 Apr 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Trail of Flowers, the latest release from singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sierra Ferrell.

Sierra Ferrell brings a dose of beautifully strange magic to everything she touches. On her new album, she expands her sound while deepening the urgency of her songs, often revealing a wealth of wisdom within her wildly imaginative storytelling.


Mon 25 Mar 2024 to Sun 31 Mar 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Dakar Bamako, the third studio album by Ausecuma Beats.

Dakar Bamako features a total of fourteen musicians from three cities around the world, coming together in a true cross-cultural collaboration that celebrates stories of migration, cooperation and the unifying power of music and dance as a force to bring humanity together.