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Milo Eastwood

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The Breakfast Spread

Milo Eastwood

Tune in every weekday morning to PBS to hear the most eclectic and diverse range of music programming available anywhere in the known universe!

Milo Eastwood presents the Breakfast Spread with a mix of PBS regulars, special guests and some of Australia’s leading musicians. Tune in every morning to hear an eclectic selection of styles, sounds and genres to keep you company as you stumble out of bed, head off to work, pack the kids' lunches or arrive home after the night shift.

Pop the coffee pot on, and settle in for The Breakfast Spread every Monday to Friday from 6am – 9am on PBS 106.7FM or streaming at

8am Mondays: A live performance in studio with a different musical guest  

8am Wednesdays:  Annika Priest brings you the best of the arts in 'State of the Art'.

8am Thursdays:  Our guest musicians play 'Musical Chairs', sharing the tracks that have inspired them.

Fridays:  We get the party started early with fun tunes to get you ready for the weekend! Plus mixes from special guest DJs at 8am


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Opening Theme: Boards Of Canada - Olson

Gravity Coffee Sponsorship Song: Francis Bebey - Sanza Tristesse