Stone Love

Soul, Rock & Hip Hop
Richie 1250
Fri 5:00pm

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Stone Love

Richie 1250

On Stone Love I play a lotta r'n'b and soul and garage and rockabilly and various other kind of "oldies" from the 45 era, but I also play disco and reggae and hip hop and old 90s jungle and jazz and hard rock and other stuff too. Mostly sorta black, groove based music, but I'm pretty likely to end up spinning My Bloody Valentine or something while you've got your head turned, cause every now and then we all have to embrace our inner dreamy, feedback drenched irish person.

If you make music and wanna send me some, post in a CD to
Richie1250 c/o PBSFM
PO Box 2917. Fitzroy MDC, 3065

I'm always up for DJ'ing at parties of any kind, so if you want to book me, send us a message with the details and we'll see if we can hook it up!



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I also run a monthly Slow Dance party called Slow Grind Fever. If you like the thought of slow dancing to nice moody music from the mid 40s to the mid 60s in smokey, dimly lit room, we'd love to see you there.

Enjoy the show and don't be a stranger.
Love Richie