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Spencer P. Jones

Spencer P. Jones

Wednesday 22 August 2018

It is with great sadness we share the news of Spencer P. Jones' passing. Many within the PBS community knew Jones, and not only as the songwriter and guitarist that he was, but as a close friend.

"Spencer P Jones has been an inspiration and touchstone for as long as I can remember. His stance as an independent musician, creative visionary and his endless encouragement of we lesser mortals has been absolutely key to the larger music community. I will always remember him as an iconoclast, a bottomless well of talent, a thinker and a human being as beautiful and flawed as humanity itself. Thanks Spencer, thanks."
Paul Maybury, PBS Production Manager.

Jones forged a stellar career both here in Australia and overseas with rock 'n' roll bands the Johnnys, Beasts of Bourbon, Hell To Pay, Cow Penalty, The Escape Committee, and so many more. He recorded, played alongside and inspired countless musicians over a long career and leaves behind a large body of work.

To pay a personal tribute to the late great Jones, PBS has put together a collection of audio Spencer recorded here at the station, with the recordings spanning over 20 years.

Thank you for the music, Spencer.

The Escape Committee perform Drive Live - 1995

Spencer P. Jones Studio 5 Live performance - 13/12/2002

Beasts of Bourbon's Studio 5 Live performance - 19/4/2007

Listen back to Phil MacDougall's tribute on Sunglasses After Dark here.

Listen back to Kev Lobotomi's tribute on Shock Treatment here.

Spencer with Shock Treatment announcer, Kev Lobotomi.

Spencer performing at Drive Live with Kim Salmon in 2012.

The Escape Committee - Spencer with Phil Gionfriddo (former PBS announcer) Helen Cattanach and Andy Moore.

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