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The Elvis Big Band

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Saturday 21 July 2018

The Elvis Big Band return to Melbourne in a knock out show that's not to be missed! Performing all three decades of The King’s music, The Knave’s 14 piece Big Band have been recreating the electric Elvis experience to sell out crowds wherever they go. The soaring brass, the angelic vocal section and rock'n'roll guitar have music lovers young and old dancing in the aisles.

From Memphis to Melbourne, a stellar local cast are taking care of business with musicians from acts such as The ReChords, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Lake Minnetonka, The Perola's, Fulton St, Sharon Davis, Dela Caye, The Tarantino's, Celia Church, The Warner Brothers and more!

Don’t miss out on your ticket to celebrate the music of The King and get ready to shake, rattle and roll!

For more information and tickets head here.

The Elvis Big Band
Memo Music Hall, St Kilda
Saturday July 21
Doors Open 7.30pm

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