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Mixing Up The Medicine for Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Mixing Up The Medicine : Program Audio for Tuesday 17 April 2018

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Mixing Up The Medicine : Playlist for Tuesday, 17 April 2018

#177- Said Oh Yeah

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The Ventures- These Boots Are Made For Walking

The Rhythm Checkers- Said Oh Yeah (Wild Raw Eurobeat)
The Bohemians- Like Stoned (Anxious Color)
The Shy Ones- 12 Months Later (Hipsville Vol. 2)
Frut of the Loom- One Hand in the Darkness (Anxious Color)

Savage Sons of the Ya Ho Wa- Just Sitting Here (Not Domesticated or Under Human Control)
The Third Power- Feel So Lonely (Believe)
Dead Moon- Walking on My Grave (What A Way To See The Old Girl Go)


Swim Team- Positively Hopeless (Split 7" w Lazertits)
Michael Beach- Freddie Dreams of Mars (Gravity/Repulsion)
XUX- Single File
Ov Pain- Lovers Leap
Sythetics- Don't Throw Your Life Away

Wet Lips- Can't Take It Anymore
Jesswar- Savage
Suss Cunts- Temper
Cools Sounds- Gristle

The Everly Brothers- Bye Bye Love



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