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Rebel Within

Hank Williams III - Rebel Within

by Hank III

Feature Records for the week beginning Mon 9 Aug 2010

All you have to do is take one glance at a few of the song titles on Rebel Within - Getting Drunk And Fallin’ Down, Rebel Within, Tore Up And Loud and Drinkin’ Over Mama - and you have a good idea who wrote them: Hank Williams III.

Nashville native Hank Williams III has built his musical brand around hard-hitting songs, an ornery Hellbilly attitude and a do-it-yourself ethos, as he wrote 10 of the album’s 11 original tracks, did the vocals, played drums and the acoustic rhythm guitar parts. And he recorded and produced the album at his home studio. “I don’t like being told what to do, and I don’t need to be told what my record should sound like,” says Hank. “I got that covered.”

A progenitor of the Hellbilly movement, Hank III has released six albums since his 1999 debut, including 2008’s country/rock/metal Damn Right, Rebel Proud and 2009’s punk/metal-infused Assjack. His refusal to confine himself to one musical genre is evident in his live performances, where he often does three-hour shows: he starts off with a country set, followed by a louder hillbilly set, which culminates with a set with his band Assjack. “I give everybody some of what they came for,” says Hank. “You can’t say I don’t work hard and give all I got.”

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