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The Invisible River


by Sietta

Feature Records for the week beginning Mon 10 Mar 2014

Sietta’s latest album ‘The Invisible River’ is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. It contains everything you want in an album of this kind – tightly written songs combined with powerful vocals, and to top it off it's mixed well to show off Caiti Baker's enviable vocal range. This album definitely has more soul in it than her last release 'The Seventh Passenger,' but powerful tracks like Agree to Disagree and Breaking the Wire make this an album with plenty of contrast to keep you interested.

The album makes me think of wide open spaces, or something big and grand. It grabs your attention straight away with the raw beauty of Let it Go, and keeps building to The Hunted, where is starts to wind back down to where it started (with the exception of the ninth track Agree to Disagree which comes in as a nice surprise). But it’s really an album that’s best listened to as a complete album from start to finish. Perfect for driving alone in the car, or just sitting on your bed reading a magazine. Regardless, you’re bound to enjoy this ear-catching album wherever you are.

By Cat - The Breakfast Spread

This week's Top 10: 
SIETTA - The Invisible River
@PEACE - @Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony
PUTBACKS ft. NAI PALM - Spanish Harlem
JULIAN CURWIN - The Mango Balloon Volume 3
CHAP ONE - Strange Frequencies
ERNEST ELLIS - Cold Desire
IVY ST - Courting

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