Wolfy and the Bat Cubs are a psychedelic rock and roll 5 piece band with their roots planted firmly in the ‘60’s. They are a blend of the best bits of the Rolling Stones, the swagger of the Easy Beats, and the punker edge of the Saints.

Wolfy have just completed their self titled, debut EP which was produced by Dean Muller of the Cosmic Psychos, which is being launched at LuWOW on January 19.
Wofly & the Bat Cubs blend 3 songwriters and 5 vocalists. Nadine Muller on bass and vocals, Alex McMillan and Josh Lobley, on electric guitars and vocals, together with Madeleine Ellis on keys and vocals and Brendan McCarthy on drums and vocals.

Emerging from their mothers, Wolfy & the Bat Cubs live in a world of their own. They are on a quest to quench the thirst of a drought, feed the souls of innocence, and set sail into the unknown waters with fuel to burn. The stage is their home and rock and roll their bed. Let Wolfy & the Bat Cubs inside your head…

Listen back to Shock Treatment with Kev Lobotomi for a live set from Wolfy & the Bat Cubs.