Fri 8 Jun 2018

Following the start of the #metoo movement the amount of abuse allegations has been staggering. There is both a sense of alarm and relief at this; alarm that this has been a regular occurrence for many in the industry, and relief in that victims are finally feeling able to voice their experiences.

Recent allegations were made against US rapper, Riff Raff, who was due to perform this Friday June 8 at the Corner Hotel. What followed was short of amazing. The Corner Hotel cancelled the show, and then Riff Raff’s entire AUS & NZ tour was cancelled. The story has since gone global, detailed here.

In light of the allegations the Corner Hotel not only cancelled the rapper's performance, they invited Listen to curate a replacement event. Listen’s special event will host a panel discussion focussng on the state of working in and consuming music in a community that is beginning to attune to the endemic nature of sexual harassment and assault across industries. The panel will feature speakers from a range of perspectives, discussing the current "state of play" on these issues. *TRIGGER WARNINGS*: these discussions may deal with potentially triggering subject matter, particularly around issues of sexual harassment and assault.

From 8pm, LISTEN launches its brand new database of women and gender non-conforming music makers. Artists and DJs that feature on LISTEN’s database will play to us into the night.

Head to the Facebook event here for more details and to book tickets. lists.png