Wed 9 Oct 2019

Joining State of the Art this morning is Cora Bissett, who has turned her journey as a teenage musician into a show, What Girls Are Made Of, for Melbourne International Arts Festival. 

While school friends were battling exams, hormones and curfews, Cora Bissett was an indie pop hopeful. Even the loftiest teen dreams come crashing down.

In a tiny corner of Scotland circa 1992, a restless teenager perusing the local paper came across those age-old words: Band Seeks Singer. What followed was a record deal that launched Bissett’s band Darlingheart into the stratosphere. In a matter of moments its young members went from worrying about school concerts to touring with Radiohead and Blur.

Twenty-five years later Bissett returns to the spotlight with an arresting snapshot of youth blown to global proportions. What Girls Are Made Of tries to make sense of the waves they rode—both highs and lows. Now a mother, the legacy Bissett leaves behind is all the more urgent.

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