Mon 19 Aug 2013 to Sun 25 Aug 2013

by The Grapes

In any musical generation, 14 years is a very long time between albums. Unfortunately, for fans of The Grapes’ first album, this is exactly how long we’ve had to wait for a second one!

Things just got in the way for Ash Naylor of Even fame and Sherry Rich who lived in the U.S. for a decade. Thankfully, they’ve made an extremely welcome return on their second album together, Western Sun. While the first album was a wonderful slice of Rock and Power Pop, Western Sun has more of a Country Rock/Pop feel but I think it’s a stronger album, which is saying a lot! Helped by the bookends of the instrumental title track and the Morricone-styled Interlude in the middle, each song flows into the next rather beautifully. Whether it’s the ever-so-catchy Step inside, the epic Cowboys And Indians or even the childlike The Boy Who Could Not Sleep, the songs are just so strong! This is by far one of my albums of the year and I can’t wait to play more of it on The Breakfast Spread!

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