Following high praise for her debut release on Nice Music Label in 2022, a stack of live performances with an ever evolving cast of players and a collaborative release with Simon J Karis, Isobel D'Cruz makes her next move as Hantu with Zither Deluxe

Puzzlingly uncategorisable, Zither Deluxe is nothing short of a post-minimalist masterpiece. Hints of ECM-style bass vs synth interplay, restless percussion, tactile harp cycles and gestural guitars fabricate a psychic resting place, mournfully caressing D'Cruz's cloud of recognisable flute and zither clusters. Confident, embellished flute work throughout the album gleams brightly in particular - symbolic of D'Cruz's developing ideas and identity, both as a band leader and startlingly resourceful composer. 

Listen back to Deeep Space to hear Hantu join Lloyd for an exclusive Studio 5 Live performance.

Check out a clip to 'Shattered' performed by Hantu for Studio 5 Live below:

Hantu - 'Shattered' - in PBS Studio 5 Live December 11, 2023


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