Mon 16 Sep 2019 to Sun 22 Sep 2019

Various Artists - Not Just A Pub: A Fundraising Compilation for the Brisbane Hotel

Just a month ago, The Brisbane Hotel in Tasmania was struck by a notice from the local council, demanding that expensive upgrades must be completed for the venue to stay running. Since then, Hobart’s music community has swiftly banded together, with a series of fundraisers and a swelling GoFundMe page, to help a venue they view as a huge asset to emerging bands and the local community.

In the meantime, Hobart indie record label, Rough Skies Records, got working on a compilation of unreleased and rare songs, demos and live recordings from Tasmanian and mainland artists who have played at the pub over the past 13 years. Not Just a Pub features tracks from The Native Cats, Tom Lyngcoln, School Damage and Lucinda Shannon (Slag Queens) and more. Across the 16 tracks, the comp bounces between moods and styles unpredictably, yet still feels fluid thanks to its undeniable spirit and overarching DIY aesthetic.

Julian Teakle of Rough Skies Records on Not Just A Pub:

“There's a lot of talk in our community of well-loved but gone venues - too many to mention here. These are the spaces that can define a period, a culture and life experiences, they are part of us. How many of us have met a significant other at a gig, found new friends, danced like crazy and heard music that has changed our lives? These places galvanise local identity and culture. The Brisbane Hotel is another one of these spaces, and has been a positive force in local music over many years.”

All proceeds raised will go directly to support the venue's renovation fund and to keep their doors open as a live music venue. 

For the full track list and to purchase the compilation, head to the Rough Skies Records bandcamp. To make a donation, head to the gofundme page. 


30/70 - 'Backfoot'

Ali Barter - 'January'

Surprise Chef - 'Blyth Street Nocturne'

Lamassu - 'Killing Someone'

FKA twigs - 'holy terrain feat. Future'

Seungmin Cha - 'Nuunmuun (눈문)'

Andy Rantzen - 'Harmonic Eye'

Barker - 'Die-Hards Of The Darwinian Order'

Sleep D - 'Central'