Thu 22 Feb 2024

Join un Projects for their first Victorian based public program for the year: changing, swelling and sometimes bursting, an evening of readings and presentations at West Space Gallery on Thursday, February 22 from 6-8pm.

Co-curated by Emma Barrett and Lily-Rose Pouget, changing, swelling and sometimes bursting considers the tangled murkiness of the bog. If we understand wetlands and bodies of water as sentient, what does it mean to exist as both a product and extension of these spaces? How does the wetland absorb and seep through, and what can be interpreted from the sediment left in its wet centre? This event offers a dialogue to better understand how we approach places of holding, memory and change.

In dialogue with: Jessica Yu, Skye Malu Baker, Niph Ophilia, Audley Anderson, Haz Lugsdin and Holly Childs. This event is free - all are welcome to join! This venue is fully wheelchair accessible. 

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