Tue 14 Jan 2020

U-Bahn originated in Jan 2018 from a chance meeting between bedroom recording magician Lachlan Kenny and vintage synthesiser enthusiast Zoe Monk. Bonding over a shared love of analog electronics, Teutonic experimentalism and lo-fi bubblegum aesthetics, the duo initiated Leland Buckle, Jordan Oakley, Mitch Campleman, and Stella Rennex into their sect, and U-Bahn debuted their futurist glam-wave aberrations to the public in May 2018.

Since then they’ve shocked and baffled audiences alongside Tropical Fuck Storm, The Babe Rainbow, The Murlocs, and ORB, whilst rounding out the year with a performance at Meredith Music Festival, as well as garnering praise from the likes of Henry Rollins, the band has received a wave of admiration in wake of their debut self-titled album released in February 2019. 

Their music is an exploration of vice, post-digital mindscapes and dystopian sexuality, while serving as an altar piece to the dazzling weirdness of the '70s and '80s bizarro underground.

Listen back here to catch U-Bahn play live for Studio 5 Live. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

U-Bahn - 'Beta Boyz'