Mon 9 Mar 2020 to Sun 15 Mar 2020

Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife - You Be The Lightning

Within the broad strokes of Americana music, Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife have refined their own palette, expanding on their distinctive alt-country roots, culminating in a body of work that many believe is the band’s finest to date.  

You Be the Lightning is the fifth album for Tracy McNeil, and her band The GoodLife. Co-produced by Dan Parsons & Tracy McNeil, and recorded/engineered at The Aviary Recording Studios, lyrically, You Be the Lightning finds McNeil at her most uncompromised and raw.  Weaving through themes of love – it’s death and rebirth, the quest for truth and finding the courage to follow your path.  All 11 tracks strike immediately as a deeply personal, yet universally relatable series of affirmations; like a page stolen from a diary.  Sonically, the album is equal parts grit and gloss, providing the perfect backdrop for songs exploring the dichotomy of the human condition.


EWAH & The Vision of Paradise - 'Play Hard'

Play Hard

Capitol K - 'Temple'

Easy Browns - 'Dog Eat God'

Snowy Band - 'Never Change'

Snowy Band "Never Change"

Laurel Halo - 'Hyphae'

Ear Mind Eye - 'Operation Ramy'

Four Tet - '4T Recordings'

Iggy Pop - 'We Are The People'

Iggy Pop - We Are The People (Official Video)

Tilman Robinson - 'Bartholemew, Glowing'