Mon 20 Feb 2012 to Sun 26 Feb 2012

by Dirty Three

Dirty Three's remarkable new album Toward The Low Sun is the product of the most ceaselessly creative period in the band’s career, in which Jim White, Mick Turner and Warren Ellis have relentlessly made music in different permutations and locations around the globe. No other Australian band has ever impacted on international music in such a subversive fashion. This is a band that exists within itself and outside of itself, generating a massive - and massively influential - body of work.

Out this Friday 24 February on Anchor & Hope / Remote Control, Toward The Low Sun was produced by Casey Rice and Dirty Three, was recorded in Melbourne at Head Gap studios and was mixed at Sing Sing. The album is not a cosy, nice-to-be-back, return to the comfort zone however. There is an energy and a raw excitement evident from the first electrifying opening moments through to the album’s finale. In Warren’s words, “Dirty Three has always been about the way we play together and feed off each other. We wanted this one to be a return to the more improvised and instinctive approach of the earlier recordings”. And indeed Toward The Low Sun sounds like a first ever recording - a punk, avant-garde, art-jazz record. And for all their incredible music of the past Dirty Three have never been more relevant.

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