Mon 31 Jul 2017 to Sun 6 Aug 2017

by Time for Dreams

Time For Dreams In Time (PBS Feature Record)
The debut album from Melbourne duo Time For Dreams: In Time is an extraordinary slice of sophisticated and deeply sexy pop music, In Time, is transit music for imagined journeys through humid, dystopian landscapes; where nightclubs pulse slow and dark in the dense tropical heat; where the Mediterranean meets the sky; and where the metropolis meets the desert.

From the first note of opening track, Projects, In Time pulls the listener deep into Time For Dreams’ world. Amanda Roff's vocals swim from breathy intensity to crystalline manumission, floating easily, cradled by Tom Carlyon's undulating, hypnotic beats and languid, swirling electronics. This is a record you will feel.

Cornelius Mellow Waves (featured on The Breakfast Spread)
Acclaimed experimental Japanese multi-instrumentalist Keigo Oyamada aka Cornelius has returned with his first music in 11 years with Mellow Waves , out via Spunk Records.

11 years after his last full length release, Japanese composer/producer extraordinaire, Cornelius delivers another complex and detailed microverse for you to explore. 11 arresting and beautiful pieces that blur the lines between experimental and pop music - ever morphing and evolving as they bleed out from traditional classification. Lush and deft layering draws you even further in. Ridiculous twists gleefully throw you under the bus. Choppy guitar and polyrhythms push the hectic stuff forward before breaking on to wide clearings of drifting guitars and serene vocals - sunlight trickling through wispy clouds. We haven't even scratched the surface yet.

There's not much in this review that can capture a moment of the record let alone gleam any insight into the whole. Pop on the 7mm wetsuit and dive in - you could be here a while.

Review by Nick Brown (The Breakfast Spread)

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