After taking a 7-year hiatus, Multi-platinum Canadian rockers The Tea Party return as strong as ever. With a career spanning over 15 years and 8 major-label releases, The Tea Party - featuring Jeff Martin (vocals, guitar), Jeff Burrows (drums) and Stuart Chatwood (bass) - have successfully gained the attention of fans on a worldwide level, selling over 1.6 million records worldwide, as well as touring a countless number of times through Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. Much of the bands success can be attributed to their phenomenal stage presence and impeccable artistry and musicianship with a wide variety of instruments and sound. Branded as 'Moroccan Roll', thanks to their eclectic sound, the band combine blues & rock with Indian/Middle-Eastern instrumentation (using exotic instruments such as sitars, sarods, harmoniums, goblet drums and more...).

2011 saw The Tea Party reunite for two sellout Canadian tours. Receiving such an overwhelming response from fans, the rock trio will now bring their reformation tour to Australia in July 2012 - this being their first tour to our shores in 8 years. Fans can expect to hear a hit list & selected favourites from their expansive catalogue. Don't miss.

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