Mon 20 Jun 2011 to Sun 26 Jun 2011

by Mikelangelo and The Tin Star

"If Las Vegas had a beach, and a clone made from the mixed DNA of Elvis Presley and Nick Cave had a band that played surf rock on that imaginary beach, then the music Elvis Cave’s band played would sound like Mikelangelo And The Tin Star." Rave Magazine

The album is the brainchild of prolific and critically acclaimed Australian performer, singer and songwriter Mikelangelo. He formed The Tin Star in Melbourne in late 2009, inspired by a love of 50’s and 60’s instrumental guitar music and Western cinema soundtracks. Together the group have pioneered their own Surf ‘n’ Western sound.

Their debut album was produced by the band’s German-born lead guitarist and studio wunderkind Fiete Geronimo Geier at his home in Melbourne (Ebden Studios) throughout 2010 and early 2011. The album features nine tremolo-laden originals with wall of sound of guitar atmospherics and a strong pop sensibility. The album is split between vocal songs, including lead album tracks Midnight Flower and Action (Is My Middle Name) and dynamic instrumental rock tunes with a distinctive retro-allure.

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