Over more than 20 years, The Pearly Shells have gained a reputation as Melbourne’s premier jazz/swing/R&B band with a classic style and look reminiscent of the golden age of Basie, Goodman, Ellington and Brother Ray Charles.

Famous for their swingin’, back-beat sound and Hollywood style, luminescent clam-shell stands, The Pearlys have been providing atmospheric sound tracks and irresistible dance grooves in bars, clubs, festivals and dancehalls in Melbourne and around Australia.

Went down Swingin' is the band's 7th studio album and features ten brand new original tracks (and a couple of bonus tracks from previously released singles).

With their enormous repertoire and variety, The Pearly Shells pride themselves on striking the right tone for any musical situation. “This album is partially inspired by the cartoons we watched as kids,”’ says head shell Steve Purcell. “The old ones like early Mickey Mouse and The 3 little Bops which were set to jazz music with wild, impossible stuff happening and people dancing and a simple story. Great stuff to unleash on children. I think those cartoons have had an enormous influence on the record. ”

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