Mon 16 Apr 2012 to Sun 22 Apr 2012

by Stella Angelico and The Switch

Stella Angelico is a woman who sings because she must, her voice and violent hip-shaking performance is an explosion of the untamed feminine. The daughter of cult cabaret darling Peaches La Crème and internationally renowned magician Sam Angelico, the world of music and performance course through Stella’s veins.

Described as a ‘sultry, ballsy woman’ with a voice that’s both ‘rough and gorgeous’, Stella's music moves through psych / exotica, lounge and soul, led by her rich voice that feels like it might break at any moment.

Stella Angelico and her band The Switch, featuring Dan Sullivan and Ben Sullivan formed their tight knit trio just under two years ago and have been making their mark on Melbourne's live scene ever since. They have recently performed at Barrio as part of the Adelaide Festival and in Hobart for MONA FOMA on a boat where Stella emerged from a cloud of pink smoke in a gold sequined caftan while playing the bongos strapped to her hips and a scimitar balanced on her head.

The debut offering from Stella Angelico comes in the form of a six-track EP produced by Mark Mitchell at Electric Dreams and written by Stella with guitarist Dan Sullivan over the last 18 months. For more information visit:

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