Fri 1 Oct 2021 to Sun 31 Oct 2021

This year’s Spring Clean Your Conscience artwork was created by Melbourne-based artist Amy Jean.

Amy Jean has been honing her illustration skills since 2010 and is prominent in the Australian music scene creating gig posters, album covers and t-shirt designs for a slew of artists including Donny Benet, Georgia Maq, Royal Headache, and CLOWNS. She's also designed for Triple R, Poison City Records and yours truly!

Working predominantly with ink and brush and digital illustration, her work is inspired by strong women, horror movies, and a mix of art nouveau line-work and bold lettering.  Her work continues to evolve and explore humour, colour, texture and offbeat layouts across a range of media. 

You can find her most recent work and goofy stories on Instagram: @amyjeanart 

Join or renew to PBS throughout October and you'll receive this Amy Jean limited edition tote bag modelled by What The Folk! announcer Susi Lanagan. For more information on PBS' Spring Clean Your Conscience membership drive click here.