Mon 10 Jun 2019 to Sun 16 Jun 2019


Spoonbill - Canopy

This week's feature album comes from genre defying sonic author Jim Moynihan aka Spoonbill. His fifth full length album, Canopy, takes listeners through a utopian kaleidoscope of cinematic textures featuring orchestral grooves, warbling horns, buegiling vocals and a fugue of instrumentals all layered within his signature warped sound design. 

Well known for his refusal to conform to any one genre, Spoonbill again defies convention with a seminal work of funky jazz infused, dub laced trip-hop electronica sound art. 

This evolution of the Spoonbill sound is a natural progression from his previous album, Tinkerbox, that signalled a pivot from party tunes to cultivated compositions while still retaining a carnivale vibe.

Elegant but cheeky, polished but witty, Canopy is another example of why Spoonbill is one of Australia’s favourite electronic producers and in constant demand on stages around the world.


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