Thu 11 Oct 2018

Speak On It is a new monthly gathering that offers a supportive and safe space for artists to come together to discuss mental health through hip-hop and Spoken Word Poetry.

Hosted by Class A, the next event will feature performances from:

Ninah Nicole
Fatty Phew
Candice Monique
Mista Monk
JP (Joel Pearse)
Trix William
Belle Leslie

This is a not-for-profit community event that encourages artists to get deep and share what's on their mind and listen to and perform to likeminded people, while helping to break the stigma of mental health.

This intimate event is held in a safe space/gallery, hidden from the general public, and fosters a welcoming environment that supports artists and opens up a conversation about mental health, allowing the sharing of similar experiences of people in the room.

Speak On it aims to bring people together to connect with their community and to ensure they know they are not alone. The sharing of helpful resources and strategies to assist with mental health issues are also encouraged and guests receive helpful resources and phone numbers to call for help.

Thursday 11 October (Mental Health Week)
BSIDE Gallery, 121 Brunswick St Fitzroy
$10 Entry On It.jpg