Mon 20 Jul 2020
As music lovers, we're all ready for a return to normality and, a return to live music. In the interim, PBS has decided to bring the live vibe direct from artists' homes to yours with Sounds Like Home.

Sounds like Home highlights local, diverse and talented musicians from the community, with each session delivering a brand new intimate recording from an artist you love; delivered immediately from artist to listener.


Tune in to Homebrew on Monday July 20 with Kutcha Edwards.


Kutcha Edwards is a prolific singer, songwriter and activist who has been active in the music scene since the early 90s. It is his experiences as a member of the Stolen Generations and his proud Mutti Mutti heritage that has shaped his diverse creative output in groups like Blackfire and the Black Arm Band, as well as a successful solo career.

Kutcha creates connections across cultures, generations, and spaces. Kutcha is a Songman, not simply a songwriter. Drawing on a profound sense of those who have gone before him on this land, along with his own life experiences, he helps his audiences in understanding and valuing Aboriginal culture. 


Sounds Like Home was dreamed up by PBS and is proudly supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.



Cover image by Mardi Thorpe.