Mon 16 Apr 2012 to Sun 22 Apr 2012

by Yann Tiersen

Skyline finds Tiersen taking a confident step forward, cementing the sound of its darker predecessor, the critically acclaimed Dust Lane. Recording with his usual large ensemble, Tiersen continues his explorations of rock and progressive sonics with a cinematic palette, but this time with a more rock feel that recalls bands from Pink Floyd to Explosions in the Sky and M83. An array of vintage synths add billowing, analogue textures, while electric guitars and bass bring layers of fuzz and distortion. Songs slip from their moorings, take off on new and unexpected currents. "My plan was to play with contrast between electric, quite dense parts and more sober and minimal quiet parts including piano and strings," says Tiersen. Voices join together in chorus, arcing violins and crashing drums build towards mighty fanfares – but then, clouds part, squall recedes to silence, and mournful piano and strings guide you home.

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