Mon 19 Mar 2018 to Sun 25 Mar 2018

by The Electric Guitars


Open your arms and welcome the second album release from Melbourne juggernauts The Electric Guitars, Sideways Changeling, made for all flame-brained beatniks, slobbering gutter trash and ecstatic surfers of the cosmos.


The album includes 40-odd minutes of Stooges-esque skronk rave-ups, mangled Phil-Spector-viaJesus-&-Mary-Chain melodies, grandiose Jean-Claude Vannier affectations and epic explorations of nihilism and psychic doom. It was recorded by Paul Maybury in a disused Depression-era 3-D printing facility in Melbourne, Australia, and created by the disused Depressionera brains of The Electric Guitars. It will be released on their own (and therefore prestigious) Volume Creep label, as was their first, self-titled, LP in 2015, and the recently released 7” double A-side single featuring Three Body Problem and Death from Beside.

Check out the video of Death from Beside which contains nothing but footage of hot vintage speedway action.

The band launch Sideways Changeling on Friday May 25 at Woody's bar.


This week's Top 10:


The Electric Guitars - Sideways Changeling
Sarah Mary Chadwick - 'Sugar Still Melts in the Rain'
Eveyln Ida Morris - 'The Body Appears'
Amaya Laucirica - 'Broken Glass'
Phonte - 'Cry No More'
Earthless - 'Black Heaven'
Loose-y Crunche - 'Mopping the Acid Spillage'
Flame 1 - 'Fog'
GoGo Penguin - 'Ravens'
Amyl and the Sniffers - 'Cup of Destiny'