Mon 6 May 2013 to Sun 12 May 2013

by Beaches

Sprawling Melbourne psych-rock five piece Beaches return with second album She Beats.

For She Beats, Beaches have once again joined forces with producer Jack Farley (Twerps, Scott & Charlenes Wedding). And like its predecessor, the album reflects a love for 60s pop, 70s psych, shoe-gaze, prog, southern boogie and Krautrock. But She Beats is bigger, bolder and more ambitious than the debut.

For one thing, German guitar icon Michael Rother of Neu/Harmonia features on two tracks. The band formed a bond with Rother at ATP in Melbourne in 2009, and he invited himself along to their recording sessions during his next Oz tour in 2012. One of these tracks, the cascading sonic swirl Distance, was premiered in March on Gorilla Vs Bear and has already had more than 40k Soundcloud plays.

Elsewhere, Veda sees the band extending hypnotically Eastward, while droning cello scrapes introduce Tanzanite. On the other end of the spectrum, tracks like Send Them Away, Out Of Mind and Runaway are upfront, glorious pop, though still heady with Beaches’ dreamy guitar heroics. All up, She Beats is rich, confident and layered, a multi-dimensional sonic world to get lost in over and over again.

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