SoCal's Sasquatch return to Australia to blaze the East Coast and they're stopping into PBS for a Studio 5 Live on the way.

Sipping on the influences from 70s metal, rock and psychedelia, Sasquatch are known for their self-described fuzzrock sound and clear-cut songwriting approach.

After shaking some walls with not one, but two closely packed studio albums (the self-titled debut and II) in 2004 and 2006, the power trio went subterranean until 2010 before resurfacing with a new lineup and propulsive third opus, III, followed up by the straight-ahead rocker, IV, in 2013.

Their last record Maneuvers has received glowing reviews with Insomniac 15/Sputnik Music saying:

"Another masterpiece which is undoubtedly their most concise statement yet. From the first second, they kick down the door with a trademark balls-out rocker, Rational Woman."

Listen back to Pojama People to catch their Studio 5 Live. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.