Mon 21 Nov 2011 to Sun 27 Nov 2011

by Various

Ace are delighted to present "Rock Your Baby": 24 red hot rompers for children of all chosen by DJ Mark Lamarr.

Mark Lamarr has long been a champion of real rockin' music to kids on his various radio shows and these are some of the most hep and hip; a present the parents won't begrudge.

Compiled with TLC and a depth of knowledge that will impress the most discerning of collectors, this is pure dynamite! A positive pot-pouri of knowns, semi-knowns and downright obscure and they are all guaranteed to have you and the brood boppin' like crazy. A rocking CD with funny and silly songs to amuse the kids on those long car journeys or even those early years parties (just before they discover Justin Beiber!).

Many tracks are new to CD and the booklet features an introduction by Mark and some informative and highly-entertaining notes by Sir Tony of Rounce.

This week's Top 10: