Thu 6 Oct 2011

PBS 106.7FM and The City of Yarra are proud to present another round of the Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions at the Fitzroy Town Hall with The Band Who Knew Too Much.

The Band Who Knew Too Much are a bona-fide foolproof floor-packing band. For over a decade they have branded their sound around the world; a highly energetic act that is at home singing on the festival stage, busking unplugged on the city streets or anything in-between!

The Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions offer a gig going experience for carers and children where the music hasn’t been dumbed down or sugared up! It provides a chance for families to share the experience of live music in a safe and clean environment.

Noise is welcomed, crawling is encouraged and dancing is expected!

PBS Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions with The Band Who Knew Too Much
Thursday 6th October @ Fitzroy Town Hall, Napier Street, Fitzroy
11am- noon
Adults $5, children free. Free entry for the first 50 concession card holders.