Mon 30 Nov 2015 to Sun 6 Dec 2015

by LE1F

LE1F Riot Boi (PBS feature record)
There are just so many good things that you can say about Le1f. From his first independent mixtape Dark York, he has carved out a unique niche within the rap community. Working alongside some of the brightest stars in beat production, Le1f has consolidated his skills as a wordsmith in his most recent release Riot Boi.

Although Le1f is musically futuristic and progressive in production, accessing and mastering his own take on internet sub-cultures, it is his ability to change and match his vocal stylings to each track that showcases his artistry. He drawls, purrs and growls his rapid fire lyrics to not only suit his beats, but the lyrical content. He assumes a character or an emotion and explores this until the track's completion.

In some respects Riot Boi is instantly recognisable as a Le1f release. If this is, in fact your first introduction to his work, it is almost a directory through concepts that he has worked through previously. Some dirty, yet commercially accessible beats sit comfortably next to the aqua rippled influence of seapunk and a signature sensual twist on trap beats; all articulate a ferocious candor on race and queer politics. However, this not an album that merely retraces prior musical pathways. There are collaborations with artists and long time contemporaries such as House of Ladosha and Junglepussy.

Riot Boi is well placed to be Le1f's crossover album. He is neatly putting a bow on the creative ideas that came before and getting lined up to take the next big step.

By Press Gang – Zen Arcade

Various ArtistsSo Frenchy So Chic (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)
If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from the So Frenchy So Chic compilations it’s incredible depth across musical styles. Somehow they get right every year and the 2016 double CD is no exception. Kicking off with some surf-rock inspiration from Juniore, we get a rocking version of Lou Doillon's soulful tune 'Lay Low' and throw into the mix a haunting folk tune from Baptiste W. Hamon & Alma Forrer. Another stand out is Hindi Zahara’s 'To The Forces', which has a more fragile take on the desert blues sound. Despite the diversity of styles, this album has a unifying feeling – summer’s coming!

By Cat – The Breakfast Spread

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LE1F - Riot Boi
Various Artists- So Frenchy So Chic
DJ Krush - Butterfly Effect
Neil Young - Bluenote Cafe
Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour - Hurtling Through
Arca - Mutant
Nick Garbett- Garfish Volume 1
Waco Social Club - The Medicine Man
Sirens - Atsu
Chris Cody - Not My Lover