Fri 27 Aug 2010

Cold Crushin Returns...

PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne’s home of some of the maddest record collectors this side of Compton, have put together a dope lineup for the first ever Rampage show. Hosted by Zack Rampage (Rampage, 1pm Fridays), this gathering of old-school hip hop heads promises to be everything you’d expect when Melbourne’s experienced players get together to drop their tunes, show their skills and try out-do each other on the wheels of steel.

This is a PBS benefit gig, so all the coin goes back into helping fund and run one of the finest community stations in the world. As such, we’ve capped ticket prices at a straight up tenner! Awww yeah.

Here’s the lowdown on the lineup:

DJ J-Red

Can someone say DJ World Champion? DJ J-Red has toured the world numerous times, playing DJ sets and battling DJs in cities like London, Los angeles, Japan and Singapore. Add to that playing alongside such influential artists such as Jurassic 5, Ozomatli, Black Keys, Gangstarr, Afrika Bambatta, Black Eyed Peas, Method Man, Redman, Public Enemy, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Rahzel, Kool Keith and Masta Ace.

Danielsan (Koolism)

Producer and DJ of Koolism. Danielsan is also a one man party starting, vinyl cutting, hip hop miami bass funk soul record lugging, drum machine playing, all night booty animating entertainment machine. Ranked in the top 5 DJs of Australia and internationally known for good sound since circa 1988, Danielsan’s going to be digging deep into his record collection as he plays the hip hop that helped him become the super-producer he is today!

DJ Manchild

After a brief foray into the field of moustache growing and wearing proves unsuccessful, Manchild realises his true calling is making people shake what their mama's gave 'em. After attempting to achieve this by simply standing on the street and yelling instructions at passers by, he decided to put his formidable record collection to good use and began to rock parties like few have seen before. These days Manchild is one of Melbourne's most in demand DJs, whether he's playing hip hop, funk or performing with Public Opinion Afro Orchestra.


Melbourne’s first lady of hip hop! MzRizk is a hip hop DJ that teaches young people in Melbourne about Hip Hop History and how to DJ, from setting up the equipment to cutting and scractching! MzRizk has performed alongside some of the best Hip Hop artists including - Akil The MC from Jurassic 5, Combat Wombat, Phrase, Elf Tranzporter, Class A, Candice Monique & The Optics and DJ Peril.

Rob C

The man Behind The Beat (Alternate Wednesdays at 2am). Rob C is an avid hip hop collector, as well as taking a keen interest in the music that inspired hip hop.

And of course… Zack Rampage

PBS’ shining light of hip hop. The man with the thick gold chain and more swagger then Mick Jagger is hosting this cold crushin’ bash! A prominent DJ in his own right, the man behind the mic on Fridays is going to deliver a set full of old-school gems. Let’s get ready to RAMPAGE!

Don't forget to tune into Rampage every Friday at 2pm!

At First Floor
Friday 27th August 2010
9pm – 3am
$10/$8 PBS Members