Sat 27 Nov 2010 to Sun 28 Nov 2010

Saturday 27th November: Spiderbait, Hoss, Spencer P Jones & The Last Gasp, Little Ugly Girls, Guttersnipes, Kim Salmon and Tirany.

Sunday 28th November (Matinee Show): Frente, The Fauves, The Hollowmen, Kirsty Stegwazi, The Glory Box, Ron Peno (Died Pretty) and Machine Translations.

Proceeds go to The Dean Turner Trust, The Leukaemia Foundation & The Linda Gebar Daughters Trust.

The Punters Club reunion is a two day celebration of the legendary 90’s venue and all the amazing bands that cut their teeth and grew an audience there.

Each show will recreate a particular scene from the era featuring seminal bands playing sets comprised of material they would have played at the venue back in the 90’s, representing an incredibly formative time in Melbourne’s music scene.

Former Punters Club staff and security will be invited back.....the iconic Punters club sign from above the door will also return from its current rusty graveyard plus footage collected in the final days of the Punters Club will be unveiled for the first time on the big screens. For an exlcusive previews, check out

The only things missing will be the creaky floorboards, the sticky carpet and that special Punters smell!

Proceeds from the shows will go to the Dean Turner Trust, the Leukaemia Foundation & the Linda Gebar Daughters Trust.

Tickets are available from the Corner Box Office – 57 Swan St Richmond
Phone: 03 9427 9198 or Online: