Mon 13 Feb 2012 to Sun 19 Feb 2012

by Leonard Cohen

Old Ideas is Leonard Cohen's first new recording in eight years and his 12th studio album since signing with Columbia in 1967.

The album's ten songs poetically address some of the most profound quandaries of human existence - the relationship to a transcendent being, love, sexuality, loss and death. Arguably the most overtly spiritual of the revered artist's albums, Old Ideas inspires commitment to a greater sense of compassion and decency.

While the recording of Old Ideas began in earnest in Jan 2011, many of the new songs and their lyrics have been in the works for years. Two album tracks, "Amen" and "Lullaby" were originally recorded in 2007 and performed live during Cohen's recently concluded, sold-out world tour.

The album was produced with Patrick Leonard, Anjani Thomas, Ed Sanders and Dino Soldo. Complementing Cohen's signature baritone on Old Ideas are the exceptional vocalists Dana Glover, Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters (Hattie and Charley Webb) and Jennifer Warnes. The album's cover design and drawings are Cohen's own.

Old Ideas is out now through Sony Music -

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