Mon 31 Oct 2016 to Mon 7 Nov 2016

November 1 marks the start of a new programming period at PBS. Given the public holiday on Tuesday this year the first of the changes will actually happen on Monday October 31!

The working week kicks off with Lloyd Briggs’ program Deeep Space moving to 9am Monday. This will allow JNett to take Are You Ready across to 11am every Tuesday. Both programs should sit very comfortably in their new on-air homes. Lloyd’s first Monday Deeep Space will air on October 31.

On Tuesday evenings between 7pm and 8pm we’ll introduce a new program and also new technology at PBS. For the first time we’ll broadcast alternate content on PBS FM and PBS Digital. The Piano Has Been Drinking with Jen Kingwell will still be heard by listeners to PBS FM or those who stream us via the web. Over on PBS Digital we welcome a new show called Cross Pollinate. That program will be a music show featuring announcers who have undertaken training through our highly-acclaimed Access & Diversity Program (with thanks to Creative Victoria).

At 8pm on Tuesday nights we welcome back rock ‘n’ roll sister Ruby Soho with the resurrection of Garageland. It’ll be great to have Ruby back on the airwaves and listeners will get to hear two hours of rock and roll, the roots music that inspired it, and regular interviews with the bands that play it.

Full program details are available at